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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beautiful Eyelashes from home

I've seen them, have you? I am referring to the commercials for Latisse, the product that claims to grow your eyelashes. At first, I was intrigued with this product, but not to the point of wanting to try it. I wasn't sold on the side effects! Plus, I wasn't even sure if they actually worked, the commercial didn't convince me. Lastly, you would have to go to your doctor for a prescription, then go to the pharmacy to buy it. In the end, you would have to pay for the doctor's visit and the prescription!

Here is the commercial if you haven't seen it:

After factoring in how much one would have to spend just to get the product, I am thankful that I found this article, Enhance Your Eyelashes Naturally. The author suggests the following, "Even if you have fallen victim to a mass media image of long-lashed beauty, do yourself a favor and use any sort of oil you've got around the house on your eyelashes instead. Any commonly-found home ingredient, like butter, olive oil, or baby oil, will do a number at making your eyelashes stand out if that is what you want. You certainly don't need to buy a new product, especially not one that will cost you $120 during a recession."

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