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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pesky Pimples

Just this afternoon, I was searching the internet for natural remedies for pimples! I am so glad I found the the following, 5 Natural Blemish Busters, it's quick and concise!

As for myself, I plan on using Tea Tree Oil! I am somewhat familiar with it, plus it's very versatile. I can use it as a general cleaner around the house if needed. It can also be used for athlete's foot. I used to use tea tree oil shampoo and it smells so good!

I have tried the products with benzoyl peroxide and it always dried out my skin or just didn't feel right. I'd rather go natural and use tea tree oil!

Do you have any tips to combat the pesky pimples? What have you tried and what has worked for you?


  1. Love tea tree oil... the straight stuff is a bit more potent then when used in shampoos, etc, and my family is not happy when I clean with it, but I LOVE the smell, and it is great for blemishes!

    I have a giveaway going on tonight!

  2. proactive works GREAT but i don't use it anymore, too expensive. i have yet to find anything that works near as good. thanks for the link :)

  3. I've used tea tree oil and I find it's good for drying out spots. I've tried toothpaste (!) and that wasn't too successful. Otherwise just drinking lots of water.

  4. Thanks for the info!

    Happy VGNO!

  5. I had no idea that tea tree oil could be used for blemishes. Thanks!

    And, happy VGNO!

  6. I've never tried but I've heard lemon juice works?

  7. tea tree oil, I had no idea! What a great tip. Happy VGNO


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